Mad Hatter's Tea Party - Green Tea ( Loose Leaf )

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Product Overview

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Green Tea - Melon Citrus w/Butterfly Blue Pea Flower (Loose Leaf) in Mad Hatter's Tea Party Label:

An amazing tea in so many ways! This green tea blend is composed of blue pea flowers, yellow-whitish pomelo cubes, lemongrass and watermelon flakes delivering juicy watermelons and intensely lively lemon. An enticing fragrance of sweet, sparkling fruit - but the magic  doesn't stop there. The butterfly blue pea flower imparts a blue color in the cup when steeped in hot water. Add lemon juice and watch for hues of purple, enchanting!   


  • 2-3 minutes
    176-194° F 
    1 level tsp./6 oz serving


(No reviews yet) Write a Review