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Map shows approximate transit days. Scheduled business days and delivery schedules are revised occasionally by carriers due to changes in distribution and volume, especially during holiday periods. Service to some remote areas also may require additional delivery days. We ship via UPS and USPS nationwide. 


Our system is automated and will provide an email with the following order status changes: 


Purchase has been Shipped with tracking number (copy paste into any web browser for status check)
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For the current delivery schedules, service availability and information, review the automated email notifications with your tracking number.  


Note: The Cornucopia Shop LLC, has no control over delayed deliveries, wrong address information provided, loss, undeliverable, or refused deliveries.


Address changes may require an additional fee, kindly check address for accuracy, provide your email and phone number and your recipients contact information to assist in package delivery. 


We make every attempt to contact you of a shipping issue, please respond as quickly as possible.