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Inner Healing Teas Gift Tray: This gift is perfect for the health conscious.  Comes with two varieties of loose-leaf teas. A Detox tea, and Green Tea Matcha powder.  Come with everything required to master making Matcha tea, including a recipe guide. 


  • 1 oz of Cornucopia's Matcha Green Tea Powder: an organic culinary-grade green tea powder. Carries a creamy, non-bitter, vegetal flavor profile. Unlike regular green tea, where the leaves are removed after being brewed, Matcha Green Powder is stone ground into a fine powder (from the leaves) and meant to be whisked with water and consumed entirely, hence ensuring almost 10-times higher concentration of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. This culinary-grade Matcha Green Powder is meant for making smoothies, shakes, lattes, cocktails and cooking, and is the grade of matcha that you would commonly drink in coffee shops or cafés.
  • 1 oz of Cornucopia's organic Ayurvedic Infusions Detox Loose Leaf Tea: aims to establish a balance of immunity, inner peace and physical rejuvenation, allowing one's prakriti to heal and start anew. * Ingredients: Organic lemongrass leaf, organic echinacea purpurea herb, organic licorice root, organic dandelion root, organic peppermint leaf, organic Tulsi leaf and organic ginger root.
  • Zen Matcha Bowl (Kimi),
  • Matcha Whisk (Chasen),
  • Matcha Bamboo Spoon (Momoka),
  • Porcelain Matcha Whisk Holder (Ingolf),
  • Matcha Measuring Spoon engraved with " 1 Cup of Perfect Matcha."

This gift comes wrapped in cellophane and topped with a handmade bow. A complimentary Gift Card with your personal message.  *Information on Ayurvedic Infusions (Wellness) Loose Leaf Teas. 

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