Iron teapot "Prosperity Koi"

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Iron Teappt "Prosperity Koi" green 3 cups / 23.67 fl. oz. with Stainless steel strainer

Made of high quality materials and crafted by artisans in traditional ways for centuries with beautiful textured patterns and enameled inside. Cast Iron teapots are to be used just as you would a porcelain teapot by boiling water and pouring into your cast iron teapot.  Although these are made of cast iron, they are not a tea kettle which is made to withstand the high heat of the stove top.  

  • green with relief of "Prosperity Koi",
  • enameled inside,
  • stainless stell strainer

To clean, rinse with warm water and hand dry.  Not dishwasher safe.  Not for stove top or microwave use. 

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