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Raspberry Ice is a classic iced tea blend that combines robust organic black tea with raspberry essence. Each package contains a total of 8 one-quart brew bags. Each package contains a total of 6 one-quart brew bags.

Iced Tea Quart Sized Brew Bags: Bring fresh water to a boil. Add 1 brew bag to one quart of water in a heat proof container. Remove tea bag/strain tea leaves, and let infused tea cool to room temperature. Serve over ice or chill. Discard unused iced tea after 48 hours. Multiply proportions of iced tea brew bags to make larger quantities.

Iced tea: in an iced tea maker (see item 41778) or large heat proof pitcher or teapot, brew 1 qt. bag as directed above and allow to cool on the counter before refrigerating.  For sweet tea, start with 1/3 to ¼ cup of sugar, add hot water stir to dissolve, then add the tea bag to complete the brewing process. 

Type of tea/ Brewing time
Green Teas: 2-3 mins. with water just under boiling point
White Teas: 3-5 mins. with water just under boiling point
Herbs/Herbal Teas/Red Teas: 5-7 mins. with boiling water
Black/Oolong Teas: 3-5 mins. with boiling water

Amount of Iced Tea Desired
1 quart (serves 4 people) = 1 brew bag
1 gallon (serves 16 people) = 4 brew bags
For each additional gallon, add 4 brew bags



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