The Complete Matcha Starter Kit

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Taste: Matcha Green Powder (Loose Leaf) carries a creamy, non-bitter, vegetal flavor profile:
Matcha Green Powder (Loose Leaf) is an ingredient-grade, Chinese green tea that has been ground into a fine powder
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Product Overview

Matcha Starter Kit by The Cornucopia Shop LLC  has everything required to master making Matcha tea, including a recipe guide for basic matcha tea.  They'll feel totaly Zen after the first sip. 


  • 1 oz of Cornucopia's Matcha Green Tea Powder,
  • Zen Matcha Bowl (Kimi),
  • Matcha Whisk (Chasen),
  • Matcha Bamboo Spoon (Momoka),
  • Porcelain Matcha Whisk Holder (Ingolf),
  • Instructions to create the perfect Matcha cup in the traditional ceramonial style

Completed gift measures 10" long by 10" wide and 3" tall and weighs 2 pounds.

This gift comes wrapped in cellophane and topped with a black raffia handmade bow.