Baobab Powder (Loose Herb)

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Baobab Powder (Loose Leaf), is an ancient super fruit that is beginning to gain attention and momentum due to its abundance of presumed health benefits.

Ingredients: Organic baobab powder.

Taste: has a sweet, citrus-like taste 

Origin: Africa. Baobab fruits dry on the branch, making a powder-like superfood in its natural state. Traditionally, Baobab was used to treat many common ailments in African culture, including fevers, Malaria, Vitamin C deficiencies and much more.

Usage: natural sweetener food combines well with any number of foods and beverages, including smoothies, oatmeal, sauces and even cocktails. The powder can also be consumed just as you would a tea, by steeping it in water. Can be added to any loose leaf, bagged teas as well as a sweetener packed with extra health benefits. 

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