Chamomile Blossom (Loose Herb)

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Chamomile Blossom (Loose Herb)

 Chamomile is commonly known as the kind of tea which you drink when you are suffering from a cold and lying in bed with a scarf around your neck. Being mild and caffeine free, this dried blossom makes a very appropriate drink in every season. People also like using it to pamper their skin in the vapor of a hot chamomile bath. The larger and optically more conspicuous Roman chamomile has a similar taste but is preferred for decoration purposes. This chamomile is of very high culinary quality. Chamomile has been used since the Neolithic Age.

  • 10 minutes 
  • 203-212 °F
  • 2-3 level tsp./6 oz serving

Ingredients: Chamomile

Taste: The typical chamomile character of this infusion is particularly intense. The product is very even, small pieces have been sorted out by handpicking.

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