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The Cornucopia's Tea Samples:

Each tea sample set contains 3 teas (1 oz. total in set) with enough tea in each to make 2 cups and a free tea ball for those who may be new to loose leaf tea brewing.  Free Shipping on all loose leaf teas

About Cornucopia's Teas:

Our sources are backed with 180 years of experience and hold a close relationship with the most renowned tea plantations globally, allowing us to provide top quality teas and tea blends in many varieties by tea masters that hold awards from (Global Tea Championship, North American Tea Champion and World Tea Champions). The Cornucopia Shop LLC has chosen 52 varieties from the over 300 teas available in our warehouse and continues to add to the collection each month as we learn our customers interests and favorites.  

Black Teas - Organic, Orthodox tea and tea blends sources from the highest quality tea plantations around the globe and are used as the base of our black tea blends.

Half Fermented-Oolong, Oolong is neither black nor green tea it forms a category of it own, half fermented means it processing is stopped before becoming a full oxidized black or green tea. Also differs in shape, are rolled, twisted, or curled into tight balls or stands, a true form of art! 

Green Teas- Organic, Matcha Green Tea Powders, Blends Green tea leaves, shortly after being plucked from the tea bush, are steamed briefly to prevent the natural oxidation of the leaf. This “unfermented” leaf remains green in color, and while still soft, is rolled and then dried mechanically or in a pan over heat. Matcha teas are green tea brought down to its powdered state. High in antioxidants. 

White Teas - Organic, only the top unopened buds and two top leaves of the plant with its delicate silvery down are used and is what gives white tea its characteristic color. Undergoes less processed has less caffeine than green tea. High in antioxidants.

Rooibos Teas - Organic, blends free of caffeine and tunic acid sourced from South Africa only of the highest quality, super grade, first quality long and even needles. 

Fruit Teas - Organic The main ingredients in all fruit blends are apple pieces, fruity rose hips peels and fresh, tangy hibiscus blossoms create the body of these fruit tea blends. 

Herbal - Organic always of the highest quality, freshness and flavor, chunky pieces of spice, fruit, and flowers make up these endless blends, caffeine free, low acid, and tannin. Refined in Germany

Tulsi -Tulsi is a sacred, Indian herb that is commonly referred to as the Holy Basil or the Elixir of Life. The herb is in the basil family, but rather carries a light, minty taste.

Brewing information: 

LOOSE LEAF BULK TEA (per 8 fl. oz cup): The following are guidelines as brewing strengths very by individual to achieve their favorite taste and strength in the pot or cup.   

  • Green Teas (1 rounded tsp.): 2-3 mins. with water just under boiling point,
  • White Teas (1 rounded tsp.): 3-5 mins. with water just under boiling point,
  • Herbs/Herbal Teas/Fruit Teas (2 rounded tsp.): 5-7 mins. with boiling water,
  • Black/Oolong Teas (1 rounded tsp.): 3-5 mins. with boiling water
Free Gift with Tea Sample Set:
Tea Ball Infuser- SKU 412519 Valued at $ 9.50
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